Palm Beach Island | My Favorite Views

April 5, 2020

Give me all the Palm Beach Island views. I have loved living here in sunny South Florida. It is such a fun place to express your creativity and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite photos I have taken of this beautiful island.

From one of our walks down the inter-coastal this summer… The trees hang effortlessly over the water.

Beautiful day at The Four Arts Society. I always love shooting here. Everyone is so welcoming and they have some of the most beautiful architectural pieces on the island.  A must see if you are in town!

This place is not quite on the island but a beautiful nature preserve called Blowing Rocks in Jupiter, FL. This reserve is one of my favorites. At low tide you can crawl into little caves under the rocks but at high tide the water sprays through the rocks. Such a beautiful experience! Fun fact about this location, I had no idea you could not shoot at sunrise there. Well here I am at 7:15am to catch the glow of the morning light.. Out of the trees comes the police officer threatening to write me a ticket for trespassing with clients there! Note to self: always read the signs…

A few more favorites from a walk we took in the Fall. There are not many more things I enjoy more than exploring the city we live in. I will forever cherish the time we have lived here and will never take for granted living in paradise. Love this city and the people we do life with here. 🙂


xoxo, Rebeccah


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